Oneness Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) For Transformation & Enlightenment

Deeksha (also spelled Diksha) is a Sanskrit word related to the English word, "benediction". It is an ancient form of spiritual initiation or empowerment. This transference of Spiritual Energy, over time, brings about a state of Enlightenment or Oneness. Oneness refers to a high state where there is no sense of separate existence. This state is well beyond a feeling of connectedness. Deeksha is part of an ancient triad consisting of Deekshas, Sadhanas (spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation), and Sutras. A Deeksha can be likened to a seed, nourished by Sadhanas such as yoga and meditation, and activated by Insight.

The neurobiological changes in the brain that are initiated by the deeksha are dependent upon many factors just as the seed is dependent upon the sun, the moon, the soil, the rain. As for an orange seed the completed process results in an orange tree and many more oranges, orange seeds resulting in more orange trees, as the diksha process completes itself, the being finds himself or herself in a permanent state of enlightenment.

Imagine for a moment that there is a wall that causes a feeling of separate existance. The Oneness Deeksha chips away at the wall and a small hole appears. Light trickles in. A crack emerges and soon you get glimpses of what is beyond the wall. You find that it was not what you imagined at all. A larger crack appears. Mystical reality, experiences of the Divine, become a part of your daily existence. The senses become very acute, the perception is very clear. Before long the crack becomes large enough to step through and you experience the entire Universe flowing through you.

During the first phase after receiving Deeksha you begin to experience reality as it is without the non-stop commentary and distorting aspect of the mind. This interference of the mind stops and the senses become very acute and alive. You begin to feel a sense of connectednes to what you are seeing. If you are looking at a bird or a tree you feel connected to the bird or the tree or whatever else you are seeing. You feel connected to everything around you. You no longer feel as if you ae alone or isolated in the world. The illusionary sense of separate existence dissolves. The heart begins to flower and you experience states of unconditional love. Finally there is no more just a sense of connectedness. You actually experience a complete Union with the Universe.

The Garden at Satyaloka Monastery

Experience Oneness Deeksha (Oneness Blessing)
The legendary Oneness Deeksha, or Oneness Blessing as it is known in the West, was first given at Jeevashram, later to be known as Satyaloka Monastery, (for more on Saytaloka visit Vedic Shamanism). Dharma Dharini was among the first Westerners trained and initiated at Satyaloka and has been teaching and conducting retreats in this ancient tradition of enlightenment for over a decade. She is currently offering weekly long distance group Oneness Deeksha. Visit Long Distance Deeksha to receive this Blessing.

More on Oneness Deeksha (Oneness Blessing)-by Sri Bhagavan
A phenomenon ablaze across the planet. Deeksha is God reaching out to you, punching a hole in the wall of the mind that alienates you from the divine.

People visit places of power, People of power. Deeksha is a phenomenon of power. Man has been endeavouring to raze down the wall of mind that separates him from God or the Transcendental. Meditations, techniques, teachings and every form of effort to still thought, instead of leading him to the goal, have made it farther away. Sri Bhagavan says, "Thought cannot end thought; effort cannot end effort, the self cannot end itself". Every pursuit strengthens the pursuer and meditation the meditator. When you know that the effort is counter productive, a new form of effort arises- the effort to stop all effort. Effort multiplies in an exponential ratio, effort, effort 2, effort 3. Thus numerous seekers fighting their battles with the mind have lost hope. A spiritual awakening calls for the outbreak of a massive phenomenon and 'Deeksha' is the response to that call.

It is 'God' or 'The Divine', now punching a hole on the wall for man to cross over.

'Deeksha' is based on an ancient principle that says, 'Anything could be transferred, be they states of consciousness, wisdom or energy'. In the Vedic lineage there is a story of a master who enraged at his disciple demanded that he return the wisdom imparted to him. The obedient disciple coughs out a 'golden ball of insights' bestowed by the master. The 'Pentecost' phenomenon where the apostles laid their hands and people had a plethora of experiences also testifies the principle of transfer. In many eastern traditions 'Mantras' were used by the masters to transfer spiritual experiences and wisdom.

Deekshas by themselves have varied forms; The transfer by touch (Sparsha Deeksha), transfer through eyes (Nayana Deeksha), transfer through an intent (Smarana Deeksha), etc. Based on the evolution of the individual (giver and the receiver) the mode of deeksha undergoes a change.

Deeksha thus given affects a neuro-biological change. There are 16 centres in the brain responsible for definitive experiences like sensory perception, emotions of jealousy, hatred, fear, compassion, love, joy, separation, connectedness, creativity, learning, etc. deeksha results in the activation of certain centres and the de-activation of certain centres bringing about a shift in the perception and experience of life. The process finally lands the seeker in a permanent, incredible state of consciousness.

It is the convergence of man's passion and God's compassion.

Consciousness is not bound by the limited frame called the body. It is beyond space and time. Deeksha opens this door where simultaneously you experience more than one reality. It shifts your centre of Awareness and lo behold! You are aware of other realms, without necessarily shutting down your senses or disfunctioning you......

Cleansing For Higher States of Consciousness
To reach higher states it is very beneficial to cleanse and purify the physical body. The condition of the digestive system or gut, which can be likened to a second brain related to intuition, can deeply impact consciousness. One of the best gentle overall detox and cleansing products can be found at Cleansing Tea

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